Mother Stabs Cop, Then Steals and Crashes His Police Cruiser


A crazy mother was walking down Tennessee’s I-75 when she and her two small children were spotted by a police officer. Thinking the mother was having car trouble, Deputy Dustin Patrick pulled up to the lady and began to ask her a few basic questions. This is when she began to rage, hard.

The mad mom busted out a knife and started slashing at officer Patrick. She then left her two children behind and jumped inside his cop car.

While he was talking, she pulled a knife and began slashing at him, Gault said. Still slashing with the knife, she ran to the car and jumped in, leaving the children behind. It wasn’t clear Saturday whether she was in or out of the car when Patrick fired.

The woman didn’t get away clean though. Patrick fired off a few rounds and moments later she smashed through a fence where she sat and burbled for awhile until a pedestrian came up and asked if she was alright.

“All of a sudden I look down at the driver’s door and there’s bullet holes in it,” he said. “I’m sitting there putting two and two together. I kept asking if she was all right, and she wouldn’t respond. … Just about that time, cops come running from the interstate across the road. I got out of the way, and they took over.”

Police arrived shortly thereafter, calling for medical attention. Unfortunately, her wounds were too severe and she died at Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga.

Oh yea, it also turns out she had stolen yet another car before she sliced at the officer. Her two small children are now at the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services where they will be either;

  • A) Psychologically messed up for life, or
  • B) The best GTA players you will ever come across
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