4Chan gets DDoS’d by Taringa


For two days now 4Chan has been going offline for long periods of time.  While we don’t have any official information at this time, some speculate that certain 4Chan users have gone into cyber warfare with a site called Taringa.

Apparently a troll from Taringa had posted the below image on  a few selected boards.

Apparently most people ignored the image as Taringa servers continued to run normally.  However, the image was then cross posted, which lead members of Taringa to retaliate before any damage could be done.  This blog explained that the Argentinian community would fight back if the site was attacked.

The following image was then released after 4Chan had gone down.

Like I said, we can’t confirm is this was an actual attack, or a random coincidence.   However, I will bet my happy meal that this isn’t over.

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