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Two Black Women Beat White Girl Into Seizure

Posted April 22nd, 2011 at 3:53 pm by

It’s becoming a new trend to throw blows in local fast food restaurants. This week, McDonalds takes the spot light once again via their Baltimore location.

Warning: This shit is kind of hard to watch so here is a summary. Two black women team up on a white girl until she is beaten into submission and sitting on the floor. McDonalds employees continue to do nothing, while one idiot (who you can barely understand because his English is so bad) continues to make jokes.

The two women then re-enter the store and start unleashing on the girl again.  They then drag her out of the store while the employees continue to do nothing.  The women drag her all the way to the entrance where she then begins to have a seizure.  At this point they only stop because the camera guy tells them the cops are coming.

We don’t have an update on her health at this time.

The piece of shit who filmed this was already tracked down by 4chan.    Now, I can’t legally give out that information but I can tell you that THIS is my favorite link on imgur today.

Edit: People are saying it was a tranny but the Balt Sun says it was a girl.  Camera guy has been found and is getting messed with on Facebook.

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  • SuperAlterEgo
    April 24, 2011


    Please excuse my typos.

    This was truly horrible. I read about this first over on a back site( and the majority of black people there were appalled by this video and openly called for the two black girls to get jail time. In addition, they thought the employees should have been fired and questioned why the males did nothing to stop the fight. In short, they feel the same way their white counter parts do here at digg.

    Also I did a couple of quick Google searches and easily found videos of whites senselessly beating each other and other races. Here are a few links.

    Here’s 3 White guys verses one black. Notice how no one steps in to break it up.

    Yet another white man beating a minority. Plus, he walked out of jail the next day and no ones was reported to have helped the woman. A veteran no less.

    Here is a black man being attacked by a group of white boys. The black man was charged. And, no one tried to help him. Once again, in a similar situation, whites behave the same as blacks.

    Oops, almost forgot to post the 6 white girls beating up on 1 lone girl.

    No one moves to break it up. None of this was needed. No matter what this girl said.

    Look, I’m not saying there is an excuse for what these girls did. There isn’t. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But, to act like whites aren’t capable of senseless violence is just plain wrong. There are assholes and angels in every race.

    Sorry to burst your hate filled bubbles, but I had to point out that whites are just as capable of violence and indifference as any other race.

    I just hope that girl is okay and the girls who beat her go to jail where they belong. She will be in my prayers and hopefully in yours, too.

  • Gail
    April 24, 2011


    Agreed this happens a lot with whites.

  • Criminal#1Below
    April 25, 2011


    Teonna Monae Brown
    2013 Kelbourne Rd. Apt. 201,
    Baltimore, MD 21237

  • Dave
    April 27, 2011


    Your average uneducated citizen….most common these days….
    I blame the government.

  • The real One
    May 1, 2011


    This has nothing to do with race because this was not a race related attack or a hate crime. When a man hits a women, do you blame the entire male species? Ive studied conflict, drama, violence, for several years, and this is nothing more then a typical “girl fight”. Fights like this are fueled by arguments, and the yelling back and forth. Not saying that the girl deserved to be beat into a seizure, but you can cleary see her arguing and yelling with the black girl. Even when the black girl walks away after the manager breaks it up, you hear the black girl say “bitch, who are you talking to like that”. To title this video “two blacks girls beat white girl into seizure” is just adding on to racial tension, and along with the news and other media. Gives viewers the impressions that black people are gorilla like savages and are attacking and vicitimizing white people.

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