Two Black Women Beat White Girl Into Seizure

It’s becoming a new trend to throw blows in local fast food restaurants. This week, McDonalds takes the spot light once again via their Baltimore location.

Warning: This shit is kind of hard to watch so here is a summary. Two black women team up on a white girl until she is beaten into submission and sitting on the floor. McDonalds employees continue to do nothing, while one idiot (who you can barely understand because his English is so bad) continues to make jokes.

The two women then re-enter the store and start unleashing on the girl again.  They then drag her out of the store while the employees continue to do nothing.  The women drag her all the way to the entrance where she then begins to have a seizure.  At this point they only stop because the camera guy tells them the cops are coming.

We don’t have an update on her health at this time.

[flv:http://regretfulmorning.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/racist-black-girls.mp4 600 400]

The piece of shit who filmed this was already tracked down by 4chan.    Now, I can’t legally give out that information but I can tell you that THIS is my favorite link on imgur today.

Edit: People are saying it was a tranny but the Balt Sun says it was a girl.  Camera guy has been found and is getting messed with on Facebook.

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