Woman Uses Baby’s Ass To Smuggle Drugs In Prison


24-year-old Jennifer Young gets the award for mother of the year after she tried smuggling drugs in her baby’s diaper, just so that her boyfriend, Randy Sanchez,  could sling some Xanax and Suboxone in the pen.

I suck at life

Actually, police don’t even know if the baby was actually hers, or if she was just the babysitter.  Nevertheless, she’s terrible at either job.

Jennifer crammed the stash into the baby’s diaper and set the infant on her boyfriends lap.  He dug around until he pulled out a rubber glove with the goods.  Unfortunately for them, guards had already been tipped off about Jennifer’s shadyness, so they were watching the couple like hawks.

A guard confronted Sanchez and the rubber glove hit the floor. The diaper smugglers quickly came clean (who caught that pun?) and told authorities that they had done this once before.

Young appeared for a preliminary arraignment on April 10th and was released on $25,000 unsecured bail.

However, she failed to show up at her second hearing.

Sanchez is scheduled for an April 27th preliminary hearing. He will be charged with multiple counts of access device and conspiracy offenses.

A for effort guys.  Sadly, you probably saw very few of those on your report cards.

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