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Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Posted March 22nd, 2011 at 8:00 am by

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Lately I’ve been kind of a pussy. I will always have to check the back closet in my place before I sleep. It’s like I think the Boogie man is going to rape me unless I go back there and check shit out. Anyway, tonight I tried to power through it but at 2:14 am I finally buckled and went back for a look. However, instead of feeling relieved I’m like all wound up. Luckily, I forgot I have to post TST in a few hours, so a healthy fap and some Advil PM should have me sawing logs in no time.

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  • K-RIS
    March 22, 2011


    hah hah, this girl is sexy.. but she is a blond.. look at second pic.. her panties are inside out ,look at the tag.. lol, i dont know who to make fun of, her , photographer or the dam people who posted that pic lmao

    • Jason
      March 22, 2011


      Buhahah – good catch man.

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