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20 Examples of Sexy Gamer Girls

Posted March 14th, 2011 at 2:04 pm by

Yes, gamer girls. They exist and they’re ready to please. Surprisingly, a lot of them don’t look like trolls. Many of them are cute and some are downright gorgeous. We’ve caught several of them playing them in the act while others are admitted fans.

Guest gallery by BrettJF.

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  • TheReviewer
    March 15, 2011


    omg, i can ditch my GF for any one of these or two maybe :D

  • matt mernagh
    March 15, 2011


    my quest to find a gamer babe continues…this photos give me great hope for finding a gamerette

  • Josh
    March 16, 2011


    hey, they exist somewhere?

  • Threk
    March 16, 2011


    Some fantastically hot gamers here, but I really think you should have included the woman who writes (and sometimes presents) video game reviews for the Naked News… Katherine Curtis. Do a GIS on her name to find out how hot she is.

  • CrustyManMeat
    March 18, 2011


    They are hardly Gamer girls. A few are porn stars and the majority of the rest are professional models dressed up at gaming conventions ie working. Do shit right next time.

  • Dave
    March 23, 2011


    Third one down… pornstar Maria Ozawa.
    Your Welcome.

  • DutGRIFF33
    April 3, 2011


    Have you ever seen This girl owns a counter strike source server. She is really fucking hot and she plays a lot. She and a bunch of other girls play all the time and they are all smoking hot and the get crazy on cam a couple nights a week. It is awesome. The only way to tell when they are doing the cam is to play in the server though, Pretty cool that chicks that hot play first person shooters. Haha. -DG33

  • the ROFLCIR of the LAWL
    April 21, 2011


    Ninja Girl Rachel is the hottest gamer I have ever seen in my fucking life. Why she isnt on this list to replace these pornstars doing tricks to act like gamers is beyond me.

    Ninja Girl Rachel > all of this shit list of people. COnsider yourself learned.

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