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22 Grannies Trying To Be Hip


There is a bar in San Diego called “The Beachcomber.”  It consists of college kids, and old/rich retired people.  The other night while I was drinking myself into a stuper, I got propositioned to head down to Puerto Vallarta for an all expenses paid trip. The catch? The lady and her friends who owned the house were like 60+ years old.  Basically, I’d get to lay around and drink all of their alcohol, but I’d have to put my penis into a 63 year old vagina a few times per day.  And you know me, a few wrinkles on an axe wound won’t keep me from having a good time.  But then, that Journey song came on and she stuck her tongue into my sweaty ear.  This made me want to puke, and I knew that I’d never be able to look at her again without becoming instantly flaccid.  Way to go granny, we could have had something special.

In honor of her, here is a gallery of grannies trying to be hip.

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