Man Sues Over Stolen Foot


In 2008, Karl Lambert was in a car accident on I-95. In said crash, Karl’s foot was severed and was laying at the scene when paramedics arrived.

Hold on gais, we r training

I bet you’re thinking, “OK, the EMT grabbed the foot and put it ice right?”  Well, that would be logical thinking, and a paramedic by the name of Cindy Economou was not very logical.  Cindy decided to grab Karl’s foot, and bring it back to her pup, which she was training to be a cadaver dog.

The lawsuit claims she removed the foot rather than delivering it to a hospital where it could have been reattached.

Hey Cindy if you happen to read this: Were you going to try to give it back when you finished “training” your dog? Petsmart doesn’t even take back used Frisbees – do you really think a half eaten foot would be OK to return? “Here you go Dr. Goldstein! Sorry about the slobber lolz, but my dog can fetch like a mofo now!”

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