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A message from Double Viking


Every once in awhile webmasters will analyze their traffic to see where it’s coming from, and what people are clicking on.  Here is what Double Viking had to say about you guys.

doubleviking: btw
doubleviking: of all the main referrers, not counting google and shit
doubleviking: your readers are definitely the perviest
doubleviking: 🙂
Jason: yea? we like our bitches naked and skanky
doubleviking: haha


I really don’t know what to say guys.  I’m so proud it’s almost ridiculous.  It’s kind of like a father watching his son ride a bike for the first time.  Only his son is retarded so no one expected him to ever ride a bike, ya know?  Not saying you guys are retarded, but I needed to make a dramatic comparison.

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