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How to NOT get a white girl’s phone number

Posted February 6th, 2011 at 8:00 am by

In honor of black history month, we decided it would be a good idea to post an instructional video on how to get a white girl’s digits.  Also, what to do if they decide to deny you.

[via efuckt]

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  • Hooli
    February 6, 2011


    Fucking niggers! Ship them back!

  • K-RIS
    February 6, 2011


    Fuck that shit, I would of shot those fagots and see who’s laughing after….

  • Statman
    February 6, 2011


    That is blatant assault! Where the hell are the police?

  • blahbuzz
    February 7, 2011


    F*****g scumbags. Let’s see how much they laugh when faced with law enforcement or their greatest fear of all…a job.

  • hellski
    February 8, 2011


    take solace in the fact that inevitably this guy is going to be licking some guys ass in prison.

  • DIck
    February 8, 2011


    Bitch deserved to get knocked the fuck out…

    • Statman
      February 12, 2011



  • SemperFi1371
    February 8, 2011


    Well, that is not in the U.S., it’s Jamaica…

  • Cool Cat
    February 9, 2011


    That’s with this kind of video who renforce the racist against Blacks… Or renforce the position for a higher jail sentence (see others comments). But, I must admit that these fucking guys do nothing for them… What did they want prove??? 2 against 1… And the second one spanked in the back . Which Man!!! A dummy’s can get a girl phone number but not them then they spank… Whick fucking man!!!

  • B
    February 13, 2011


    you stupid goddamn niggers. We dont want to be racist and we dont want to be violent. But I’m sure this is the last straw for me opening my own nazi chapter in a major mid west US city. Fuckin niggers. Just dont know how to act right.

  • TheReviewer
    February 19, 2011


    Wow. That is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone know where this take’s place?

  • david
    March 7, 2011


    these guys make black people look like fucking assholes

  • Wasif
    March 26, 2011


    I am wasif my age is 20 year i need a nice girl girls friend contact me my cel 03006983076 id

  • Wasif
    March 27, 2011


    Girls friends contact me plz.cell me 03006983076 id

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