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20 Pictures of Shyla Stylez Looking Sexy


Do you know how hard it is to find clothed pictures of porn stars?  Damn, I think I’ve just developed carpal from an hour of right clicking.  I already know what you’re thinking “just post tits and stfu” right?  Well, I can’t do that because I’m trying to get Google to unban me for good behavior.  Google, if you’re reading this, sup?  Love your site!

Back to the point.  I’ve been in love with Shyla for awhile but after putting together this gallery, I want to blow my brains out.  In like every single intercourse pic, she’s handling a 10 incher like it’s an average walk in the park.  This is discouraging.  I get invited to these porn shoots and porn expos sometimes and I just know if I met her we would hit it off.  But then like if I pulled my shorts off I’m afraid she’d be like “LOL wtf is that?”  and then I’d be like “Just chill hoe, it will get bigger.” But she will be like “K bro, can you put on Family Guy instead?”

I’ve had a small penis complex since this 6 foot chick came over a few months ago while I was on Vicodin.  She went immediately into reverse cowgirl but it kept slipping out because a girl over 6 feet tall has a lot of vagina to fill.  Anyway, after like the third slip she goes “fucking fail.”  And I was like “wait, me?”  I’m going to still claim it was the Vicodin though because I couldn’t get more than an 80% boner.

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