Old Man Drives Wrong Way On Freeway, Causes 4 Car Pile Up


Earlier this morning two guys noticed that an old man was driving the wrong way up Interstate 5 in San Diego. You’ll notice that the man is in the lane closest to them, which means he was in the fast lane of oncoming traffic. The result was a head on collision that caused a 4 car pile up.

Wrong-Way Driver Survives Amazing Truck Crash – Watch more Funny Videos

After the truck hit the overpass, it spun back into traffic where it was hit by a Land Rover. Then it was hit by a big-rig. Then the big-rig crashed into the center divide. Finally a Toyota Sienna crashed into the wrecked Land Rover.

And then? No that’s it, but get this. No one was seriously injured. The guy in the Land Rover had to be taken to the hospital, but other than that, everyone was OK.

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