9 Year Old Gets Text Message Of Man Getting A BJ

9 year old Ty’Ge was minding his own business when all of a sudden, he received a picture message of a guy scoring a fat bj on his couch. And even though Little Ty’Ge is the most advanced in his class, his little brain just wasn’t ready to see some penis in the mouth.

Mama! Who dis?

“I was like, ‘What is this?’ I ran in the house and showed my mom,” he said. “That was just too old for me. I wasn’t ready for that.”

But wait, it gets better. Ty’Ge messaged back telling the man he was only 9, but the BJ guy didn’t stop texting. At this point Ty’Ge’s mom and grandma called the man and started running a few threats by him explaining that they were about to get the Lee County sheriff involved. His response? “Do what you gotta do.”

Later, the man called back and explained that he was trying to sell the couch, and that was the only picture he had. LOL?

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and the boy’s cell phone was turned over to deputies on the case.

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