15 SFW Examples of Girls With A Wall Bra


Wall bras are pretty important.  They don’t show any nipple, yet give you enough skin to see exactly what you’re dealing with.  Some people think I use the term “Safe for Work” too loosely because one might still get in trouble for viewing this at work.  People get offended easily.

For example, I have my blinds open and my neighbor is currently having an open house.  I caught the old real estate lady peeking in here, then quickly looking away with a shocked look on her face.  Also, a family walking by didn’t look too pleased either.  That’s OK though because I don’t want a family living above me.  I hate loud kids.  The best people to have living above you are old men.  They shut the fuck up, go to bed early, and sometimes they’ll give you leftover casserole from whatever function they just came from.  PS – Thanks to Penis Fly Trap for finding most of these.

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