The 11 Hottest Female Athletes You Should Be Watching


I know I sound like a sexist pig, but when it comes to women in sports, I just don’t care.  It isn’t fun to watch, but sometimes, it’s fun to watch them.  So once in awhile, when I’m not watching real sports, or doing that  internet sports betting thing on my college teams, I’ll actually find some athletes that I might follow.  And by follow I mean Twitter, just in case 4chan hacks their account and ends up posting nude pics.  Here is our list of 11 hottest female athletes that you should be watching.  No we didn’t add Gina Carano, sorry.

Erin Phillips (Basketball)

I wonder if she’s good at that exercise where you put a ball between your knees and try to squeeze them together.  Only instead of a ball, we could use my head.  I’d even do it after a game, and before her shower, I don’t care.

Jennie Finch (Softball)

The hottest think about JF is that she is a MILF.  That means she has a kid, and having a kid means she won’t make you wear a rubber.  Oh, she’s good at softball too.


Milene Dominguez (Soccer)

Milene Dominguez used to play soccer.  Her smile/body are amazing.  She used to be married to the Brazilian playmaker Ronaldo, but then Milene divorced him and started doing some modeling to support her family.   I’m sort of on the fence about girls who play soccer.  I mean, if she decides to kick you in the nuts, you won’t be getting up.

Anna Rawson

See how she works the end of the shaft?  You ladies should be taking notes.  You can also bet your ass that when she busts out a 3 wood, she won’t be gentle whilst driving the balls.  OK that was my last pun, but this picture is a gold mine.

Amanda Beard

I would like to start off by listing some of Amanda’s accomplishments, but I don’t know any.  My research consists of plugging a name into google images, and uploading the hottest one.  Unfortunately, I can’t use the nude one which I’m about to fap to.  Neener neener, I see her boobs and you can’t.  J/k here you go.

Jennifer Leigh

I wonder what made her more money.  Being an above average poker player, or being a hot chick in Playboy.  Not trying to be a dick, but this picture would suggest the latter.


Blair O’Neal (Golf)

I don’t usually like figure skating and Blair O’Neal decided she didn’t enjoy it either, so she started focus on golf and modeling instead. I don’t care a lot about golf but the modeling thing, I’m in.

Mia St. John (Boxing)

This is my least favorite of the hot girls.  I don’t like coming home knowing that my GF could pummel me if I tell her that her cooking was god awful.  The honest truth is, anyone of the dump trucks on this list could beat me up, only this one would do it with ease.  45 wins, 18 by KO.

Kimberly Lansing (Poker)

I don’t have a boner Kimberly, go ahead and call my bluff.

Allison Stokke (Pole Vaulting)

The day Playboy gets Allison Stokke as their centerfold is the day that I renew my subscription.  Has anyone ever watched Pole Vaulting before this little spark plug came along?  That’s a rhetorical question, because up until now there was no reason to watch pole vaulting.

Anna Semenovich (Figure Skating)

Anna Semenovich used to be a half decent figure skater. Then she figured out that her ridiculous body could take her places that her skating skills couldn’t. The rest is history, along with that tube sock I just tossed behind me.

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