Kellie Maines is ridiculous


I was fapping my way through Stephen’s archive of hot, half naked bitches, when I came across this little gem. Meet Kellie Maines. Don’t hate,  she is probably doing this to put her through med school.  She’ll be making all of the “guy sites” take her pics down once the medical field starts doing background checks, only to find these.

I had some girl message me the other day demanding that I take her pics off of the site because apparently she was trying to get a big girl job.  Unfortunately, she was still dumber than a bag of shit, and didn’t realize it was just one of those little thumbnails that you see at the bottom of our posts.  The thumbnail was linking to another site, and was taken down over a year ago, but this dumb bitch was seeing cached pages of her being a whore, and started throwing a fit.  It was actually a pretty funny “back and forth” email thread.  I will try to find it sometime.

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