Lizzie Borden Wax Museum Gets The Axe

Lizzie Borden is the crazy bitch lady who cut up allegedly murdered her dad and step mom with a hatchet.  It was never actually proven though so she was acquitted.

I almost want to go back and delete “crazy bitch” from my intro because I’m superstitious and I don’t want her ghost watching me fap, or turning on stoves and stuff while I’m sleeping.

If somebody can pound one out to this, they automatically win the internet

Long story short, some guy created a wax museum in her honor 2 years ago, but now he has to close it’s doors.  He was baffled as to why his little museum wasn’t a bigger hit with school children.

Owner Leonard Pickel tells The Salem News that his 40 Whacks Museum faced steep rent and high utility costs at a time of year when tourist traffic slows. He says he was never able to attract key school groups.

Really?  Because a tour for children would be presented how exactly?

Oh and over here children, is where she hit her dad in the face so hard with a hatchet that his eyeball was cut in half.

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