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25 Big Boobed Hand Bras

Posted December 30th, 2010 at 12:00 pm by

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Yea, a lot of these are fake but so what? It seems like every time I post a set of fake tits, someone bashes them. Why is that though? Looks? Feel? I’m proud to say I have felt one fake set of knockers, and they were still nice and squishy.

Pic sources Gorilla Mask, imgur, reddit, some other site with popups.

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  • casey
    December 30, 2010


    Fake tits get hated on because they look out of place. They also just don’t have that wavy bounce that they should have. You gotta love that wavy bounce of the real thing.

  • uhmmmm...
    January 9, 2011


    Okay, what is with the first ones ass and lower back? It looks like shes a burnt sweet roll or something.

  • George W. Bush
    February 5, 2011


    Yes i agree that fake breasts look out of place but there is nothing better for a good ole fashion titty fuck than fake titties. For some reason natural breasts just dont please me yohnson.

  • Bill
    February 19, 2011


    I don’t mind if they are fake or real, it is the person inside that counts.

    • lat
      April 28, 2011


      I believe they call that kind of thinking “homosexual”

    • RDODGE440
      May 18, 2011


      The only thing that I give a FUCK about when it comes to “its whats on the inside that counts” is if my dick is inside the broad, and if she can count how many times it goes inside and out!!! Lol but to be serious for a moment, if a bitch is super fucking hot, but a bitch, or stuck up, then IDC how hot she is, she’s not getting one second of my attention!! But when a bitch is beat yet she is a sweetheart, or she has the perverbial “nice personality” then, almost always, with her permission, I’d throw her a pelvic bustin, just to piss off her sassy friends, who, more often than not, are going home alone because of their attitudes!!! Guys like me make better lovers, because we have to make up for our lack of looks, charm, money, or social status!!! In my case I’m a but thick but I will make anyone laugh, and I always make sure she leaves 100% satisfied, even if I am not!!! Love the photo galleries, KEEP ‘EM COMING!!!

  • Mell
    March 13, 2011


    Love it. i like last one…….

  • johnq
    May 1, 2011


    What the fuck happened to # 15′s pussy? They totally airbrushed it out :( .

  • jslyde
    May 9, 2011


    I don’t get what the big deal is, I like switching it up when I get bored. go real, go fake, go tiny go huge, taste the nipple rainbow. it’s not like you’re committing to one set for life. lets end the argument and enjoy the sexy girl.

  • Joe Cool
    May 21, 2011


    Who is 23?

  • Michael Bell
    June 26, 2011


    Her tits are real actually…

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