Mom of Two Convicted of Sex with 14-Year-Old Boy

Suzanne Divers is a mom who was looking to spice up her social and sex life by posting profiles on Internet dating sites. She’s 26, blonde, tattooed, pierced, can put her leg behind her head and describes herself as naughty, passionate and daring and thinks love is a myth. Pedomom is definitely open to casual sex with young boys though…

Her best advice, as given on her Internet dating profiles was, “Stop thinkin’ and start drinkin'”.

Apparently, Divers is a bit too daring. She hooked up with a 14-year-old boy and her partner found her in bed with him when he came home early from work. She had been seeing the teen for at least two months prior to being caught.

She pleaded guilty to eight sexual acts with the teen and was ordered to spend three years in jail. She’ll also be listed as a sex offender for life.

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