7 of the Sexiest Katy Perry GIFs

I’m going to admit something that I usually wouldn’t admit.  I’m a fan of Katy Perry.  I know what you’re thinking “Uh yea, I want to bang her too bro.”  No, I mean, I actually know the words to her awful songs.  It happened last summer during a road trip.  Every 5th song on the XM station I was listening to, was KP.  By the time I got through Arizona I was singing “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top.”

Long story short, being a fan of Katy Perry makes me feel ultra gay.  Thus, I’m going to mask my homosexuality by posting sexy gifs and saying stuff like “damn I’d f*ck her tight ass.”  When in reality, I just wanna go get a mani-pedi with her and talk about boys.

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