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The 5 Hottest ‘Could Be’ Wonder Woman Babes

Posted November 29th, 2010 at 2:04 pm by

Whether it’s the Justice League, a full length Wonder Woman feature, or TV’s take on our favorite Amazonian princess-warrior, mankind has been pondering an important question since the announcement that Wonder Woman will be gracing TV the and silver screen again in the near future:

“Who will wear that skin tight Wonder Woman outfit?”

Obviously every red-blooded male is dreaming of a world with his ideal sexy Wonder Woman — and which actress can fill her large…red boots? To help with your fantasies, here are the top 5 sexiest Wonder Woman candidates.

Megan Fox

Many a man has opted for Megan Fox, her long locks and come hither stare bode well with her hot bod. However, the fact that she bashed the Wonder Woman character lowers her hot points. (No one bashes my Amazon Princess!) That’s why she is the #5 choice.

Tanit Phoenix

Rumor has it Tanit Phoenix is a top contender for the TV role as Wonder Woman. It looks to me like she fills out the lingerie well enough, now for the real test… golden chest plate and invisible jet please.

Erin Cummings

Any babe that can pull off being super sexy while dressed in bed sheets has my vote — wait, maybe I just wish she was in my bed sheets. At any rate, Erin has the eyes, lips and guns to get the job done — she can tie me up in her golden lasso any time!

Jessica Biel

Who hasn’t wished for Jessica in a tight corset, short-shorts and ready to rumble? I’d settle for her in any capacity, but I digress. Tall, tone, pouty lips, penetrating eyes… yup, she easily makes the short list!

Tori Black

She puts the sex in sexy and packs quite the punch using techniques that are sure to leave the bad guys moaning as well as those watching! Why #1 you ask— well, after the recent announcement that she was cast for Wonder Woman XXX, I know you’ll agree, what other woman in this list will get naked to save the world? If you’re still not convinced, see her her battling evil in the most eye popping of action at hardcore (NSFW trailer).

Guest post by Dusty Marie

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  • Kat
    November 29, 2010


    Yum! This is a HOT gallery! Love to get stranded on Wonder Woman Island some day…

  • Kain
    November 30, 2010


    I vote for Gina Carano

  • gaijinlaw
    December 1, 2010


    Can’t bring myself to drool over Wonder Woman. I love her, but even in the star-spangled bikini, Diana radiates a dignity that needs to be included in the character along with the beauty. My recommendations are:

    #1 Penelope Cruz
    #2 Ada Nicodemou
    #3 Ilsa Fisher

    All of them are talented, albeit a bit short. Penelope Cruz is probably too expensive and possibly too old to play an immortal in (what I really hope will be) a franchise.

    December 2, 2010


    LOL – Sarah Palin – NOT!

  • P Smith
    June 25, 2011


    Instead of Wonder Woman, some of them could play Kekko Kamen. Look it up.

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