Regretful Morning

Every single girl who says she doesn’t want a serious relationship

Posted October 23rd, 2010 at 9:00 am by

This rage comic is so accurate that it’s ridiculous.  Let this be a lesson to everyone.  99% of women do not know how to be JUST f*ck buddies.  They will become emotionally attached.  It’s not a bad thing, that’s just how they were programmed.

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  • snoozefest
    October 23, 2010


    when i read this i shat brix lmao

  • Apollo
    October 23, 2010


    this seriously happened to me over the past week. First we agreed that we weren’t looking for a relationship, then BAM! “I thought you liked me, you are such an asshole for using me”

    I would feel bad if she wasn’t such a dead fish in bed

  • Fee
    December 16, 2010


    LOL oh god girls always try to trick boys :]
    luckily for me it works.

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