Tax Dollars Hard At Work


Aaron Yeo had a great job that allowed him to catch up on sleep, do his community college homework, look for hookups with local women and print applications for other jobs, although it seems like he had it pretty good where he was at. He was a police officer in Groveland, Massachusetts.

Yeo was fired after spy software was installed on the computers at the police department and he was discovered sleeping in his police cruiser. He has until October 29 to appeal his firing, although if he does, he’ll be expected to explain his online activities, which also included watching Journey music videos, researching HGH, trolling myspace for women and visiting the Family Guy and Biggest Loser websites — all while on the clock.

This stellar officer also responded to dispatch calls asking for his location with random locations in the town, all while sitting at a computer at the station. During the 15 shifts that his activities were tracked by GPS, investigators found he lied about his location 36 times.

Good luck getting your job back, pig.

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