The hair down there


Name: Alex
Age (At the time): 31

At the start of the summer we had a pretty good pub crawl.  As the day got later, and the girl’s got drunker, they started wearing less and less clothes.  Once we hit the last bar, a handful of them were grinding every guy that came in.  One of them started giving me a hickey.  I saw my chance and took it.

After a small cab ride, we’re at my place.  Roommate was gone.  This was going to fun.  The girl who will remain anonymous was already taking stuff off so I joined the fun.

For a few minutes it was the best hook up ever.  Then we moved into doggystyle and here’s where I sort of messed up.  As I’m thrusting away I glance down at her asshole and notice that she has more hair on her barn door than I do.  I tried to finish but I started asking myself if she was a post op tranny or just a hairy girl.

Then I just couldn’t stop laughing.  Eventually she had enough and promptly started putting her stuff back on.  I’m not even sure she knew why I was laughing.

Dear Alex, although a hairy cornhole on a hot piece of ass can be very funny, you need to learn how how to channel those emotions. If you had held your laughter in, you could have let it build into a steamy load which you could then aim right at the ungroomed area. During cleanup she will more than likely notice the shrubs, and on your next encounter it probably would have been taken care of. OR we could just agree with you and say that you f*cked a guy.

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