Woman Beats Husband Senseless Because He Didn’t Buy Vodka


I think it’s safe to say that you have a drinking problem when you guzzle all of the Vodka in your house, then call your husband and threaten him to bring more.

The woman called her husband on Sept. 8 to say she was home alone and had drunk all the vodka. She told him to bring her more or she would drive herself to the store.

A Florida woman from Fort Walton Beach did just that. Only this 33 year old lady took it up a notch. You see, when her husband got home he didn’t deliver the goods. He then promptly took her car keys when she threatened to drive herself to the store. This lead to a double leg take down, some scratches to the face, and a kick to the ball sack.

She was charged with domestic battery. We do not know if the ECW has offered her a cage fighting contract.

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