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12 Hilarious Poker Face Rage Comics

Posted October 1st, 2010 at 5:11 pm by

One of our favorite variations of the rage comic is undoubtedly the “poker face.”  The poker face is most commonly used when we get called out on our bullsh*t and try to play it off.  Girlfriend queefed?  Mom caught you watching porn?  Ate the last piece of candy?  All of these situations require a flawless poker face.

How would your poker face measure up?

Zodiac Fail

Katy Perry is hot

Hiding chocolate from a crazy GF

Water cup only

Clever Fox

Farting on the elevator

Sex dream

Blame it on the dog

Replacing the boss’s chair

Watching the wrinkled tits scene with grandma

Online Poker

Sniffing your sisters panties

sources: 4chan, reddit, imgur

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  • anonymous
    October 2, 2010


    I want to stab the creator of this meme in the face

  • mikey
    October 18, 2010


    it was me. now come to my house, big boy.

  • talavang
    December 5, 2010


    this shit
    is sad as hell

    the first one…
    is the only one funny

    (the asshole who made this blog… must be looking like a “poker face”

  • Blake
    June 16, 2011


    You forgot the end parentheses dumbass. And if you hate them so much why are you searching for them? You don’t come across these websites searching for cats.

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