The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D (An Honest Review)


Hi kids, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m a little late getting updates posted today. I have a legitimate excuse, I swear. Yesterday, the guys over at Ultra Magnum sent me a copy of The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D (NSFW). First of all WTF? I figured this would be another POS ad campaign with the same old run of the mill scenes with “3D” in the title.

As I started to open the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find Sarah Vandella on the cover.

The DvD comes with two sets of 3D glasses inside, which is cool for those of you with slutty girlfriends.  Pretty useless for a seasoned PC fapper like myself though.

A few things you should know:  You’re going to want to hit the lights before you start.  You also need to concentrate on the screen.  If you look at your junk, and then back to the screen, your eyes will start to get blurry.

You can get a virtual beej, or just watch some boinking (and a threesome).  If you haven’t busted your load all over the place yet, you will when Vandella and Capri Cavalli start getting it on. I’d rate the 3D experience at around a 7/10.  At one point I found myself ducking in order to see behind Rachel Roxxx’s leg.

If you enjoy fapping and don’t mind the 5-10 minutes it takes for your eyes to recover than this is probably something you’ll want to check out.  Also, if you try to torrent this, it doesn’t look the same.  You’ll need the glasses to get the full effect.  Just to prove it, I’ve uploaded a small clip.

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