Man Busted for Pimping Out Slow Girlfriend

A 21-year-old girl who is said to have the intelligence and maturity of a 12-year-old was allegedly turned into a prostitute by her creepy 27-year-old boyfriend, who, of course, kept all the money she made.

According to police, Nicholas Geranios posted Internet ads offering sex with the girl in exchange for cash. He snagged at least four johns for her and pocketed the money for himself.

The victim’s mother heard that Geranios had been bragging about beating and pimping out her daughter, so she called the cops. The girl and Geranios were brought in for questioning, but she would not admit anything in front of him. When questioned on her own, she told the police the whole story.

After telling police everything, she apparently wasted no time in telling Geranios that she told the truth. He ran out of the police station and smashed a window out of their own car in an attempt to retrieve a laptop and cellphone that contain evidence of his crimes. He later returned to the police station to turn himself in and is being held without bail.

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