Man Beats and Rapes Woman, Then Calls Mom For Gas


23 year old Anthony Cramer of McClellandtown, seemed like an average chivalrous man at first. An unnamed damsel was in distress and needed a ride, so Cramer offered his services. The only problem with Anthony’s services were that they also included a beat down and rape.

Instead of taking the women back to her home in Uniontown, Cramer took the young lady offroad and ordered her to take her clothes off. After she disagreed, the woman was beaten severely.

At one point, Anthony moved to the front of his van which gave the victim just enough time to flee into the nearby bushes. When Anthony got tired of searching, he tried to fire up his van but he was out of gas. So like any young man who is having trouble on a first date, he decided to give his mom a call.

While cowering, she said she heard him try and fail to start his van. Then she heard him on a cell phone, saying, “Mom, I need some gas.” Within minutes, another vehicle arrived with a man and a woman who brought a can a gasoline, and the three then left the scene. When it appeared safe for the victim to move, she said she walked to Route 166, where a motorist drove her to a convenience store in Carmichaels.

Anthony Cramer is being held on $100,000 bail, on charges of rape, kidnapping, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and simple assault.

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