Russian Drinkers and Smokers Urged to Consume More


In Russia, many people love to drink and smoke – and that’s exactly what the government is urging them to do.

The finance minister in Russia is asking that citizens drink and smoke more to support the economy and to help solve social problems. Funny how that would work, since in the US excessive drinking and smoking can definitely lead to more social and legal problems.

Russia has plans to double the excise tax on cigarettes by 2013 to increase revenue. It currently has some of the lowest taxes in Europe. The more drinking and smoking people do, the more money the government collects, so in Russia, chain smokers and alcoholics are just being good citizens.

The current life expectancy of a male in Russia is 62.77 years, for females it is 74.67. Although life expectancy has increased in recent years, the need for increased state revenues may matter more to the government than continuing a positive trend.

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