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6 Things That Piss Single Men Off

Posted August 9th, 2010 at 6:40 pm by

Single men and bachelors have a few things that drive them up the wall, that the everyday family man has grown used to.  A runny nose, a screaming baby, or two yammering housewives can almost be blocked out by a married man with kids.  The rest of use however, get pushed closer and closer to the dark side.
Women Taking Up An Entire Grocery Isle

When two women meet in a grocery store, you’re bound to see a traffic jam.  Logical thinking, like moving ahead and forming a line with the carts is rarely used though.  So basically you’ve got two options.

  • interrupt the deep soccer mom conversation and receive an eye roll
  • walk to the next isle

Either way, you’re going to be irritated.

Screaming Children

The older you get, the more this will annoy you.  Single people or people who don’t have kids for that matter, don’t find them nearly as cute as their parents.  We don’t want to see every shit they take get posted on Facebook, we don’t care what they drew at school, and most of all, we don’t want to hear them fn’ shrieking.

Slow Left Lane Drivers

So you’re cruising along in the left lane thinking to yourself  “damn I might make it to work on time after all” when bam, you’re stuck behind an idiot moving at the same pace as the guy in the next lane over.  So instead of just being able to move to the the right and go around him, you’re now stuck behind a moving barricade.

People Who Order For An Entire Family In A Fast Food Line

People who don’t have to buy food for anyone but themselves do not want to wait in line for someone to get 8 combo meals without tomatoes.  The worst part?  By the time it’s their turn to order, they still don’t know what they want.  You end up getting some mommy talking like this “Tell the nice man what you want honey….OK do you want pickles?….OK what do you want to drink?  They don’t have that sweetie, what else do you like?”  GET YOUR FUCKING FAMILY OUT OF MY WAY.  It takes the rest of us 30 seconds to get our stuff.  If this is going to be some magic school bus type of field trip to Subway, then please, let us go in front of you.

Someone Who Doesn’t Pull Forward At The Gas Pump

They make a row of pumps for a reason.  If the gas station is empty, then you should pull up to the very last one, allowing people to easily move in behind you.  This is never the case.  Some monster douche will almost always just plop into the first opening, making it a pain in the ass to go around them.

Not Knowing How To Use Self Check Out

The self check out stand is a great way to get in, pick up the three items you need, and get out before “the best of shark week” starts.  Sadly, someone clueless will use a jam packed store as an opportunity to get a step by step walk through on how a self check out stand is supposed to work.  In their defense, they will sit there and fail miserably for a good ten minutes before asking for help.

Conclusion: I’m not hating on kids or families, I’m sure one day I will fire my load into a fertile young lady and have one of my own.  The point though is this:  We have express lanes, fast food, quick stops etc. for a reason.  These words all represent speed, and if your lifestyle can’t hang, then please scoot the eff over instead of slowing the rest of us down.

Honorable mention: couples sharing FB accounts and uploading retarded pictures.

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  • Steve
    August 13, 2010


    It’s spelled AISLE not ISLE!!

  • RoboGnome
    August 13, 2010


    Fuck tard…

  • Boop
    August 19, 2010


    Wow, you’re special aren’t you! Guess that’s why you are still single, moron. Always in a hurry to to go jack yourself off, are you? So sorry the rest of the world is in your way.

    • ying
      August 19, 2010


      you sound like a house wife lol

    • mongo
      January 8, 2011


      Move your Ass!

  • Laura
    December 4, 2010


    Well… wait a second. I’m female and these piss me off, too.

    • Earin
      December 27, 2010


      I was just going to post this same thing.

    • dawsonsed
      February 19, 2011


      Yeah, me too! I’m a single female and all of this stuff ticks me off!

  • mark
    December 5, 2010


    You appear to of forgotten to include people who can only walk at speed of 50 meters a hour that insist on blocking whole pavements up by forcing 2-3 associates to form a line accross leaving no room for anyone to get back and then ignore blindly the fact that people who can walk at a normal pace are trying to get past them. IF YOU CANT WALK AT A NORMAL SPEED STAY AT HOME AND GET SOMEONE WHO IS NOT A RETARD TO DO YOUR SHOPPING. Phew…That is all :)

  • Toniwan
    December 6, 2010


    thanx for the tips, there is nothing I love pissing off more than single men… hehe

  • James
    December 7, 2010


    Oh God, slow drivers in the left lane piss me off like you couldn’t imagine. It’s the PASSING LANE YOU MORON, MOVE OVER!

    • ???
      January 8, 2011


      i have good news for all of you that HATE the slow ass in the left lane. I actually get to seek revenge on these dumb a**’s. you see in Oklahoma they passed a law and it is now illegal to just “drive” in the left lane. get in left lane, move around slower traffic, then back to right lane…. ITS THE LAW… and my prpfession…. well i just happen to be a police officer… so i get to pull those people over. cause i have to have the left lane clear if i want to nab those pesky speeders that think another law doesnt apply to them…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

      • Jim
        January 8, 2011


        Aren’t you special. You need to relax. Remember, NO CHOKE HOLDS.

        • AFP
          February 5, 2011


          Aww, not even a *little* chokehold?

  • Emily
    December 11, 2010


    Holy shit those must be some fat chicks to take up a whole ISLE. ;)

  • GREG
    December 13, 2010


    wow, and i thought i had a short fuse! there’s stuff on in this story i haven’t thought of being pissed off at yet. I do think having a melt down because of the family ordering food in front of you is a bit intense, even by my standards

  • Retreat slowly
    December 23, 2010


    Ok, we dont have self check out stands in Finland yet, but think about people who take their time with ATM machines.

    First, punch in your code number s-l-o-w-l-y, remember to double-check each number from the slip of paper in your wallet. After getting access, do not take out any money yet. Instead, check how much you have left in your account. And print that out. After that, check out of the machine. And access again. Now you take money. And check out. But you need to know how much you have left now. So you access again and take another print of your current situation. Carefully read both prints to check that bank did not make any kind of mistake. Slowly put both both prints and your money into your wallet…

  • Unindoctrinated
    December 24, 2010


    Seeing as this was specifically about single men’s gripes I definitely must add this one. Women who wear t-shirts with writing across the bosom and then give you filthy looks if you read it. Not everyone is fascinated by your bovine-sized fat-sacks lady. If you don’t want people looking don’t have writing on them. But that isn’t the point is it? We are supposed to look. That is presuming “we” are the 0.001% of the population they think is attractive and every one else who looks is a perv.
    And we just know that the people who didn’t like this article are the people it was about.

  • Diver Doug
    December 27, 2010


    People at an ATM machine who have to do THREE transactions to take out $20!!!!

    1) do a balance of their account (ie input the PIN at the speed of about 1 button per 5 seconds (if they can even remember their PIN!) , etc)

    2) Start all over again, then take out $20 (or some really low amount)

    3) Start all over….AGAIN…to do an account balance to make sure the $20 has been taken off their account.

    ARRRRGH !!!! I need to get out $50 and I can do it in about 10 secs, but theme morons who need to concentrate with their tongues hanging out seem to take about 5 mins to do it…MOVE THE HELL OVER !!!!

  • Jade
    December 28, 2010


    Things that piss ME off bout young single people

    1) Teens taking up the whole walkway at a shopping center!

    Yes that is my pram/trolley/whatever wheeled device i am pushing
    yes it will go over your feet IF you stand in the middle of the walkway while i’m trying to get my kids through
    Yes i will knock past you if you don’t move out of my way while i’m walking as YOU are standing in MY walk way

    2) Drunk people walking past MY house at 3am!

    Whether i’ve got kids or not i don’t want to hear you walking past my house at 3am screaming your head off/laughing obnoxiously/wrecking my front lawn!
    have respect and walk home in a quiet manner!

    3) Young drivers who hoon around the roads potentially put my kids in danger…also older drivers who licences should have been revoked YEARS ago!

    Yes i know who you are and i can hear your car coming from a mile away it’s not fair on ME and my family when you don’t have any respect for us when you dip in and out of cars to get where your going faster

    4) Young people who come into a food place who yell and talk so loud gaining attention
    People WE don’t want to hear how you shagged that chick last night also i would rather my kids DON;T hear the words DICK,CUNT,FUCK,SHIT from random people who don’t have enough respect to keep their voices down if they can’t not swear
    Also,the Drive-through i’m SO sorry my 5mth baby has fallen asleep and i feel it’s easier to drive through then go inside with my 5mth + 3yo +5yo in tow
    Learn some patience or move to a diff line!

    5) Someone Who Doesn’t Pull Forward At The Gas Pump
    Yeah that pisses me off too!
    Or those who think that *if they were on the second pum cause when they pulled up someone was already on the first pump* If they get in their car and drive over to the parking after filling up that they’lll get arrested for driving off..No you wont get arrested for pulling to the side parking and going in to pay
    it’s courteous to others so we don’t have to wait behind you while you go in to pay when there are two potential pumps we could be using!

    Conclusion: I’m not hating on young people nor am i jealous cause i had kids young but we gotta share this world and there is a huge chance that one day you’ll be like me with kids who your trying to protect,give us some space if you don’t want to wait hwile my kid orders move to the next line
    if you are in a residential area don’t yell at the t op of your lungs cause you think it’s funny one day you’ll have kids and you wont think it’s so funny when other kids do that :)

    • Elaine
      December 30, 2010


      This pretty much sums up what I was going to say.Oh but also….get the fuck over it dude,single young guys are more annoying than almost ANYTHING I can think of.Especially the whiney ones….like you.

  • fgsfgd
    December 31, 2010


    Absolutely agree. So, you reproduced successfully, congratu-fucking-lations, so proud of you, no stop thinking the world revolves around you and your spawn.
    What pisses me off the most is people with annoying brats on waiting rooms, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. who just let their little monsters go nuts, nothing more irritating than those shrill squeaking little bastards running all over the place. And God help you if one of them bumps into you, because the thing was running looking back,and fells, because you will be the one at fault, and you better show immediate concern for the wailing thing.
    And those people asking for you to friend them on FB, sure, the name rings a bell, but I don’t remember them looking like an overgrown fetus with a face full of pudding.
    Or old acquaintances calling you on the phone, then barely saying a thing because they are keeping a yelling contest with their four brats, and then put the youngest one on the phone for you to have the honor of listening to the gurgling of the thing, THEN ask you to tell them how cute their larva sounds.
    Yes, I do hate kids. But mostly I hate modern parents.

  • Inara
    January 1, 2011


    Funny, usually the jackasses taking up the entire area between pumps at the gas station *are* single men, in giant trucks with the ‘Truck Nuts’ or similarly douchebagged-up vehicles.

  • C.
    January 5, 2011


    you don’t have to be single and have a penis to be irritated by ALL of these things.

  • Unidentified
    January 6, 2011


    oh im going to have a field day with this.(things People do in general i cant stand)

    1) People who bring babies to movies and the baby cries the entire movie, its called leave the damn kid with a baby sitter or don’t go out(your own fault for having a kid in the first place(cant do stuff you normally could.)

    2) Vegetarians who bash any one who eats meat.(well guess what plants are living organism’s too just like cows, pig, or w/e people decide to stuff down their mouth. bottom line your a hypocrite.)

    3)gay/religious people who try to force their beliefs or lifestyles on other people like they care.(if i gave a crap id confront you about it. if not it means i don’t give a f’k. keep it to your self.)

    4)Flamboyant gay people.(ya your gay….we get it……now stop being a damn attention whore and act normal.)

    5) Woman who think all men are sex crazed neanderthal’s and expect all men to act that way and in addition[men who fit that stereotype as well ]. (not all men think with their pants some actually……..GASP! have a brain and quite frankly find whorish girls unattractive and these people who don’t think with only their pants are usually the ones with $$ [cant speak for every one so ill say usually].

    6)people who give up early without trying. ( i find these people to be a colossal waste of life, not applying effort to anything wont get you anywhere. Every one can do any thing if they meet the requirements to do said task. if you want to be a
    *you take singing lessions
    *work on your look(appeal is a big part in show business)
    *Dance lessons(couldn’t hurt)
    *connections (get yourself noticed and appeal to the industry to the industry)

    every job has requirements that lead up to it same with everything else you learn so long as you meet those requirements you will get it/learn it.

    7)people who see shadow’s in the dark.(basically people who segrigate themselves and try to find any hint of racism in every thing people do no matter how
    menial it may seem, when in fact the one who is racist is them self but they refuse to admit it.)

  • DJ
    January 8, 2011


    Haha I still can’t believe Truck Nutz really exist! :D And I find it really amusing how people started making their own lists of stuff that piss them off. Here’s mine:
    1) Truck Nutz(I still can’t believe someone would actually be douchebaggy enough to buy these)
    2) People, who vent their feelings in commentaries(I know, I’m one of them)
    3) Hypocrites(yeah-yeah, I know I’m being a hypocrite, too)
    4) Typos in posts that CAN be double-checked before publishing(I mean, it’s really not that hard to read your post one more time to make sure you’re not making yourself look like an idiot)
    5) People, who correct such typos(have some soul, people, nobody’s perfect!)
    6) Boiled carrots. That is all.
    Conclusion: if anybody could piss me off, it’d probably be me:D

  • What's your hurry?
    January 8, 2011


    OMGosh, yeah…actually you are a hater, and an entitlement whore as a bonus! This could have been really funny if done correctly. (Smack! You are sentenced to wear a “Missed Opportunity” forehead post-it)

    1. I am very much doubting that you are royalty. Folks don’t have to jump out of your way. It’s just eight letters, “Excuse me”……. goodness, what a drama queen. Why not practice mudita and be pleased for them running into each other?

    2. If you are friends with someone that is proud of their kids (oh the horror!) and it is causing you intestinal distress and unclassifiable non-specific pain then unfriend or hide them. Frankly I’m (*I* being a placeholder for symbolic metaphor referring to my concept of Jane Q Public) just as uninterested in your “I’d hit that!” list; or the sadistic things you did to your “friend” while they were passed out drunk; or even your deep and thoughtfully philosophical analysis of the parallels between the DOW and the lack of financial morals in the government. But, by my definitions, if I’m your friend, and you’re enthusiastically recounting these adventures to me then I’m going to be interested simply because I’m interested in *you*…..well, no actually. You would have lost me at the permanent marker tats you drew on your friend’s face while he was passed out.

    3. Left lane zoning….. completely whack. That said, you run your car all up tight behind me and we’re gonna have a problem “If you’re riding my ass you best be pulling my hair” (Love that bumper sticker!) Seriously though, if you’re tail-gating on me when I can’t move over safely then I’m going to slow down. A lot. With a somewhat malicious look on my face. Leave the house a little earlier and your job won’t be on the line if you miss a light. These are called ‘teachable moments’. If you can spare the time try to ponder them once in a while. Does the mind good!

    4. Family in a fast food line – WTFrak drugs are you on? Try stocking up on munchies *before* you tap the bowl. The drive-thru lane is for the convenience of customers, based on first come, first served; and guess what! If I’m buying for a family of eight that franchise likes my particular shopping profile (for this transaction) more than your single person order — unless your munchies are truly epic in which case I might sneak a picture! I didn’t become your target or a second class citizen when I married, or when I had children. If being a single man elevates you in your own mind then by all means, hold on to that. (Come on though, the woman in the photo with the cart is beautiful….you saying you wouldn’t want to have to get closer to her as you’re walking by?) Odekaaaay… each his/her own.

    5. Gas pump — possibly, but unless you were there when s/he pulled up to the pump how do you know that the car at the first pump didn’t pull away after s/he had already started pumping? Frankly though, it seems like its the married old train wrecks like myself that will pop out of the car and inquire if I should start pumping at the rear gas pump or if they’re close enough to full that I should just wait. Mmmmm, communication with a smile…..does a body good!

    6. Check your vocabulary, the express lane isn’t the self check out lane. They are both pretty well described and not actually arbitrarily assigned labels to synonymous functions intended to befuddle the masses and make your life more annoying. Despite solipsistic attitudes the world has been proven to revolve around the sun, not you. If you’re into believing that sort of thing.

    Finally, I have no reason to get out of your way. Are you a doctor racing to help someone? Police protecting? Firefighters saving? Then cool your jets, you are not *entitled* to go before me or try to bully me because you “need” to go fast. (Perhaps if you have a trunk like Hollyfield or a snicker worthy level of stupidity in the way you hang your pants on your non-butt I might give you a pass for sheer entertainment value). Unless you have a note in your back pocket from Jesus (or other religious great) or a permission slip from the president pinned to your shirt (or other government grea— ahem– never mind) then you are not more important than your neighbors. Sorry! Not trying to hurt your feelings….. just gotta be real. Try some yoga, or a nice massage; pet a puppy or hug a friend (catch up with Mr. Rogers!) before you give yourself an ulcer. We are all heading towards the same finish line, but this a journey not a race. There’s no prize for crossing the line first.

    Wow — this flaming stuff can be cathartic. Definitely feel a lessening of tension. Who knew? Thanks!

    • I feel bad for you
      January 19, 2011


      Holy shit….you must really hate your life. These are things that annoy MANY people other than single men. I’m sure your just upset because your vagina was split in two and you feel the need to take that hatred out on the masses by acting like a complete fucking idiot. And to comment on point number 3; if you would read this article again, he was speaking about people who enter the left lane and linger next to someone in the right lane. But I’m sure your fat ass knew that. And as far as fast food goes…..maybe you should be a responsible parent and cook your kids some food that’s actually good for them. Judging by your attitude, I’d say that your overweight and your kids are headed down that same sweaty, out-of-breath path. Good luck with your shitty life and your dishonest husband who is almost certainly banging someone who is a hell of a lot more pleasant ( and attractive) than you. Fuck you very much

      • AFP
        February 5, 2011


        It’s OK man, let it out, we understand that your mommy didn’t hug you enough as a kid, but one day, it’ll get better.

        Hug it out, man!

    • Good job!
      January 20, 2011


      Haha, hilarious. Some people think they are so much better than others and they have to have everything perfect for them because they can’t handle common decency or, worse yet, patience! Thank you for restoring some of my faith in humanity.

  • KMaC
    January 9, 2011


    this dude is spot on and the people complaining are the people who should shut the fuck up, move over, discipline their children etc etc. Fat mothers are annoying… deal with it fat mothers.

  • KMaC
    January 9, 2011


    and by the way, nothing worse than people who ask ‘whats your hurry’…. or use it as a name. It doesnt matter what my fucking hurry is, the point is im in a hurry, move. And if you slowed down on me in the left lane, i would follow you home :) .

    • brawk
      January 9, 2011


      I was about to say this too. Get your minivan out of my fucking way you fat bitch. It’s really funny slowing down until someone plows in to you.

      Some young men are working professionals. We actually have to make money and go to meetings. Just because going to Chuck E Cheese and dropping kids off at soccer practice is the only thing you look forward to, doesn’t mean you should slow us down.

  • BD2670
    January 10, 2011


    In a hurry or not, everyone has a right to be annoyed by idiots. Poking along at the speed limit in the left lane, raising kids who can’t be controlled or disciplined, blocking the street or lane or aisle so no one can pass, bringing the drive-through to a standstill with a ten minute order- it’s inconsiderate. People are stupid, and they do stupid things. I agree that anyone hating on this list is probably one of the “Entitled” who mindlessly loll about, looking on the world as their sandbox. Shut your cockholster and get out of the way.

  • name goes here
    January 16, 2011


    It’s amazing, as i went down your list it was like I had written it myself. These are the most annoying things in my life. Of course I manage a grocery store or I doubt the shopping ones would be so high on my list. Still, damn that’s the most personally accurate list I could imagine.
    “Just get out of the way, please!”

  • vj
    January 17, 2011


    to “What’s your hurry?” Nice reply.. but we do know that we get annoyed at some people and soimetimes just let them be… because everyone is an idiot to another one way or the other.. maybe peple just learn to respect differences of opinion. anyway nice reply for a very hateful post…

  • Tani
    January 23, 2011


    Tthose idiots on the subway/bus/streetcar/what have you blocking the entrance and refusing to move their asses so others can get in/out, need to be on this list, too.

  • Carla
    January 26, 2011


    I call these complaints petty. Be thankful for supermarkets, food, highways, cars, being able to walk . Plan ahead so you don’t have to rush. Life is good if this is all you have to complain about. It is all about mutual respect.

    • BLEST
      January 29, 2011


      Are you for real??? you call people petty and then in same breath you call for mutual respect???? and BTW genius this isn’t all people have to complain about…. it’s just what the thread IS ABOUT. like BD2670 said “shut your cockholster” ya’ treehugging new age loser

      • AFP
        February 5, 2011


        Just want to point out, he called the *complaints* petty, not the person making them.

  • Thenodrin
    January 27, 2011


    I was second in line at a self-check out the other day. The person in front of me rang in their product, swiped the card, pressed “cancel”, and then started over. On their third time, I tried to help. The person complained, “I don’t know why they even have these, they don’t work ever.”
    Once I convinced them to stop pressing “cancel” and instead to press “confirm” it was all good. But, I can’t fathom what must have been going through their mind when they thought that “cancel” was the appropriate way to complete the transaction .

  • roo
    February 1, 2011


    I have to say, as a mother, it’s much more convenient for me to order from the drive thru instead of dragging 3 screaming kids into the place and trying to order to-go while they whine that they want to play in the play area, or they want a certain toy- not the one that actually comes with meal but the one in the picture! If I was single and care-free, I’d get my lazy ass out of the car and into the restaurant and get to-go fast and simple. The drive thru SHOULD be for those who don’t have that luxury.

  • runs with scissors
    February 5, 2011


    Parking at the gas pump?! I’m at the gas station – 8 pumps – all busy. OK. I pull behind a minivan with the driver’s door open. She’s on the cell phone, not moving. I back up and pull ahead to the first pump. I get out, pump my 20+ gallons and notice that the two legged land whale in the minivan is still in the minivan and hasn’t moved, still yaking on the damn cell phone. I finish my fill up and the female orca in the minvan is still on the cell phone and still hasn’t moved to pump any gas. Meanwhile the line behind her fat ass grows longer with every passing minute. Oh, did I mention she was eating somekind of burger (Big Mac?) the whole time?

  • AFP
    February 5, 2011


    First off, I’ve never seen the gas pump thing happen. Must be an Eastern US thing.

    Second: A lot of these things could be dealt with with some variation of an “excuse me”, either verbal (for the ladies at the grocery store) or nonverbal (flash your highbeams real quick a couple of times on the road).

    Third: If you are going to hyperventilate over every little inconvenience like a six year old boy not getting candy, you’re going to have a heart attack at the age of 28. Calm the fuck down, switch to decaf, and go jack off. You really need to destress man.

    • You're an idiot
      February 11, 2011


      Don’t act like your better than everyone else because these things don’t bother you. You know what pisses me off? Holier-than-thou, self-righteous assholes like yourself. Do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself. It’s painfully obvious to me that you completely misunderstood this article. Did it ever occur to you that the author may have written this as a satirical look at each of these situations? I guess not cause you’re a fucking moron.

      • Right....
        February 15, 2011


        Dude XD
        The author wrote it because he wanted to throw a little bitch fit, nothing more. That sounds like a pretty desperate defense for this article. And anyway, Even if the author did write it as a satirical look on these situations, he should be prepared to receive some bitchy comments in return seeing how he wrote such a bitchy article.

        And by the way, cussing out everyone who disagrees with your opinions just makes you look like the “fucking moron.”

  • Larz Blackman
    February 5, 2011


    I’m constantly amazed how often women are in the way. They are in a world of their own and don’t even realize that they should GTFO of the way.

  • gluebomb
    February 5, 2011


    Heres a clue for american drivers there is no such thing as a HIGH SPEED LANE yeah you got three lanes but you only have ONE 1 speed limit if its posted 50 it is 5o FOR ALL THREE LANES so if i want to do 50 in the far left lane i can. If you get pissed off thats no my problem its yours slow down and do the speed limit. So learn there is NO HIGH SPEED LANE three-four lanes all have the same speed limit .

  • jpgr
    February 6, 2011


    To #24 (Unidentified): Hey, dumbass, vegetables don’t have a nervous system, therefore can’t feel pain. So no, vegetarians AREN’T hypocrites. But you’re a brain dead fool who needs to educate himself before posting something he knows nothing about.
    You sound like a typical hate-the-world self-righteous conservative with a stick up your ass. That’s the way the world is – tough shit if you don’t like it. Get over it!

    To #38 (Blest) Carla is a tree-hugging new age loser cause she said have mutual respect and be thankful that’s all you have to complain about? That would be like me saying you’re a gun-loving out-dated jackass because of what you said. But, you probably are. :)

    And what’s with all the sexist comments? I’m a woman and I agree with most of what the article said. There’s always some woman-hating asshole who has to come out of the woodwork with these things. Why don’t you do us all a favor and neuter yourselves and maybe you won’t be so angry with women anymore.

    • Haha
      February 11, 2011


      Yes, and there’s always some raging bitch on her period ready to attack anyone who crosses her path. Shut your cocksucker and kindly fuck off. By the way, what’s wrong with gun-loving? It’s dip shits like yourself that think that guns kill people. In that case, you might as well blame my car for running your fat ass over because it definitely wasn’t me!

    • shoop
      February 20, 2011


      I love you. Ignore that other dumbass. He’s probably busy jacking off to Sarah Palin and eating fried lard.

  • Ashurbanipal
    February 9, 2011


    Here you have posted what everybody has been thinking! Its like you were reading my mind man!

  • homerisdead
    February 11, 2011


    from what ive read on these posts the only thing that pisses me off is the stupid dumb females all they do is whinge and yap about anything they always have something to say about us blokes for gods sake you granny undie wearing bunch of twits get a life and stop knocking us bloke then you might get some respect from us males full stop

  • Jason
    February 11, 2011


    So… in other words, after everybody has said their violent reactions, clarifications and somewhat useless thoughts, everybody pisses everyone else. Talk about world peace.

  • Joker
    February 12, 2011


    things that piss off single men?
    This pisses ME off, and I’m a single female…. I can’t stand store walkway hoggers, carry your convo to the side so I can pass, and giving me an inch to pass won’t cut it, I make sure people can move around me.
    Screaming kids are another peeve, seriously, walk outside…

    Fastfood… ehn don’t care about it. Gas pumps? don’t care really either cause you can be in one spot and if the person ahead of you moved, it looks like you went for whatever was closer which blocks the other pump oddly.

    Self check out is a pisser, if you don’t know how to do it, don’t use it for god sakes, also it’s mean as a 10 item or less thing people!

  • Disgusted
    February 13, 2011


    Ok, The article was interesting and pointed out some things that can become frustrating in day to day life. But, the true atrocity are the comments associated with this article. Good golly miss molly, Would you like a true break down of your life?

    Single man :
    You swing one of two ways, your either a career oriented individual or a slob.

    yes, life is a miracle. yes your kids probably are cute…. but they are one of about 300,000 born EVERY SINGLE DAY… they are not THAT special.

    Everyone Else:
    get your heads out of your asses and please grow up.

    This article was obviously a touch of a joke and a stab at some of the inconveniences of life. Unfortunately, most of you took it as a direct attack on your person.

    “Your so vain, you probably think this song is about you” -Carly Simon

    As for the actual list. All of these things are frustrating. When encountered once in awhile, it is easy to just be patient. but when dealing with the same stupidity every single day it becomes tedious, tiresome, and just plain frustrating.

    aisle “hoggers” are annoying as a customer and as an employee of said establishments. When i worked for walmart, i would have customers literally get pissed and try and get me fired because i politely said excuse me while lugging 50lb boxes stacked two-three high down the aisles to the appropriate spots. yeah, i realize your shopping… but i am working, i dont come to your place of work and stand on your desk or shit in your coffee.


    It was your choice to have children. They make family friendly eating and entertainment venues. If i am spending 50$ or more for a two person meal and your little angel starts screaming and throwing a temper tantrum and you do nothing to calm him… i am tempted to come over there, shove whatever food item is on their plate down your childs gullet and then slap you. Its called parenting. maybe look into it some before popping kids out.

    It is the passing lane…. PASSING lane… as in you pass, then move back over… PASSING lane

    Sorry, some people are on a deadline for being able to have nourishment. when only given a half hour lunch break, and i pull in behind a mini van and get trapped by another vehicle, and you order 12 singular meals made specifically to tailor.. im going to get pissed. because by the time i make it to the window… i won’t have time to be able to eat my sustenance let alone enjoy it. So it sits in my vehicle and gets cold and soggy by the time i can manage to get back to it… thanks.. i just paid 5-10$ for a cold soggy sandwich because you couldn’t spend the half hour to cook your children a meal that isnt filled with processed meats, preservatives, and enough salt to commit mass genocide on the snail population.


    this one doesn’t bother me, i play the “how close can i get to your vehicle while you are watching before you flip out”


    understandable frustration, but its a once in awhile thing :P . you can wait this once :)

    The world is frustrating. Some things are more frustrating than others. Some things are frustrating to some people while seemingly normal to others. Its life, deal with it.

  • blip
    February 14, 2011


    The two women parking their carts side by side in the aisle, whether gossiping to each other or not, really chaps my hide. They have the entire effing aisle to park and yack or browse, but there must be some school or code they agree to whereupon they MUST work in tandem to block the aisle, completely oblivious to others and wrapped up in their own self-importance. Other shoppers can’t win. Politely ask them to scoot and you are looked upon as a home invasion thug by these inconsiderate, world-revolves-around-me people that are invariably women. Never have I had a male be so blind and self-absorbed in this particular circumstance. If it didn’t happen 75% of the time I shopped, I wouldn’t bother commenting, but…

  • Hm...
    February 15, 2011


    I get annoyed about all these things, too, and I have a vagina :I

    The thing I’m most uncomfortable with in this article is the sexist outlook it has.

    Since this came from the view point of “Single Men” I figured this article would be more about the dating world and include list items such as “When women give fake numbers” or something of that nature. But instead it just listed a lot of things that make everyone angry (with some pointless sexism thrown in).

    And there is no way the person who wrote this didn’t expect some people to think he sounded stupid and douchey. Parents and women use the internet, too, in case you hadn’t heard. You make ALL guys look bad with this kind of crap…

  • K.H.
    February 15, 2011


    Ah. But you forgot guys that ditch their friends on a guy’s night out because of classic shatty excuses like “Oh, I had to take my kid to the hospital he has pneumonia and could DIE!” and “My man-gina hurts, I also have no spine, so I need to spend the night up my gf/wife’s ass.” And the absolute worse I hate the most “I missed out on making money today because I needed to venture further into my gf/wife’s ass.”

  • zed
    February 17, 2011


    im stunned at the complainers who complain about the complainee… lol

  • Ok1
    February 17, 2011


    All of those who hate kids and those who have them are all a bunch of dumbasses.

  • Shadow
    February 17, 2011


    You know what I hate? When people feel the need to make sarcastic or rude comments on what other people say. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than troll topics and bash people’s personal opinions? What a satisfying life that must be.

  • hlkolaya
    February 22, 2011


    This has nothing to do with single vs not. These are all ridiculous stereotypes and sexist to boot. Bigotry doesn’t look good on anyone. Please consider cutting it out.

  • Chan
    February 25, 2011


    Yeah… you don’t have to be a guy to get pissed off by any of this. You just have to have zero patience. That’s about it…

  • Mo
    March 19, 2011


    Ok this one is irritating “Young drivers or young adults who hoon around the roads potentially put my kids in danger…also older drivers who licences should have been revoked YEARS ago!” Well keep your damn kids in your YARD for EFF SAKES… Don’t make excuses that you are busy doing something inside and not watching your damn kids and think they can do their own thing. Your the damn parent and your responsibility to watch your kids all the time and keep them out of the damn STREET!! It’s so damn irritating parents such as you think oh it’s allright just let them run around and the drivier are basically the “parents” because you’re in your house with your “precious” time doing whatever it is instead of watching your damn kids. Yes if your kids are in your BACK yard you can leave them do their thing if they are old enough but it’s not the drivers responsibility to keep a watch your damn front yard to make sure your kid doesn’t run into the street. That’s the parents RESPONSIBILITY!!!! I think it goes for both single men and women were going from point A to point B and it’s your dumb ass responsibility as a parent to make sure your kids are out of the effin street!!!

  • Mo
    March 19, 2011


    It’s also irratiting when women get pissy for men looking at their chest… SERIOUSLY WTF if you don’t want the attention then don’t effin FLAUNT IT!! It’s your stupid ass fault for flaunting it, were not pervs cause your wanting people to look at you!!! These women that get all pissy when people look at them particularly men they think they are “ALL THAT”!!! SERIOUSLY GET OVER YOURSELF!! We know if your the one that get’s all pissy cause gasp someone looked at you you’re one of them that always gives off the aura that your going to say no to every single man in the world cause your way to into yourself and your a snot nosed brat/bitch attention whore!! Eventually everyone’s going to IGNORE you!! You’re probably a 7 maybe an 8, 8.5 but not a 9 or a 10… Your not a effin model!! So get over yourself!!!

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