Cathy gets two parties

Name: Schutz
Age (at the time): 23

A bunch of us were out bar hopping last year for some guys birthday. By the time we hit the last bar, everybody was trashed. That is when I spotted her. We will call her Cathy. Cathy was a cute little blonde who had her nose buried in her cell phone. Eventually she took notice of me and I got her to open up and have a shot with the rest of us.

Apparently, Cathy was fighting with her boyfriend via text messages though so she wasn’t getting too crazy. I let her be after some friendly dancing and a few more drinks.

Then as I’m getting ready to make the ride back to my apartment she comes up behind me and says “Hey guess who is single now?” I took this opportunity to ask if she wanted to head back to my place and talk about it.

So she gets on the back of my bicycle lol and we ride to my place. I didn’t waste any time when we got inside either. Since my roommate wasn’t home we boned all over the living room until the wee hours of the morning. This was my first rebound lay ever and it was the best thing I had ever experienced.

So the next day I get up to make us some quick breakfast and I hear her get a call. Then I only heard crying. Like hard crying.

We skip breakfast and I have to ride her on my bike back to her car, mind you, she is still balling.

A few days later I was able to piece together wtf just happened. Her boyfriend told her not to come over that night because he was planning a surprise party for her. So instead of just going back to her house, she got all bent of of shape and f*cked my brains out before she realized what was going on haha. Last I heard they were still together so I guess he never found out lol.

Dear Schutz, let me get this straight: “Cathy’s” boyfriend planned a surprise party for her, and in return she let another guy eff the sh*t out of her all night long?  There is a special place in hell for this young lady,

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