Regretful Morning

Bikini girls eat sushi off of each other

Posted July 14th, 2010 at 4:06 pm by

Tessie hurt her leg the other day, but that didn’t stop her from resuming her duties in the kitchen. And to turn that frown upside down, her good friend Skyler came over for an afternoon of naked Sushi. I bet it tasted like fish…

I was talking about the Salmon roll you pervs. Also if you have a Socal account you can see the uncensored video here.

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  • Bailey
    July 14, 2010


    that’s the best bed n breakfast I’ve ever seen….

  • Tessie
    August 3, 2010


    This was so much fun! Thanks to RM for posting the pics!

  • raiden
    August 3, 2010


    Thank you for taking the pics :D

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