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31 Barbies In Inappropriate Positions

Posted July 12th, 2010 at 12:02 pm by

Barbie dolls are still one of the top selling toys for children in the world.  And although Barbie is supposed to be the innocent dumb blonde that little girls strive to look like, she isn’t immune from rule 34.  Here are 31 Barbie Dolls that are doing things that they were not meant to be doing.

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  • Lucas
    October 13, 2010


    You do realise that barbie 15 is not a barbie but a mcfarlane monsters Dorothy from his Twisted Oz series

  • cnidaria
    November 7, 2010


    If you like these, check out my barbies. Prints are available. Email me if interested.

    • Wanda von H.
      June 8, 2011


      Hello, I am interested in your barbies. Is it possible to send me pictures ?

      Thanks and best regards


  • arabella champaq
    November 20, 2010


    Nice collection of babes. BTW, I think you should credit the artists when you post other people’s work-it’s only right. Some of these creations are mine, and I don’t object to them being published, I would however like the credit!

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