One Armed Monkey Kills Over 80 Chickens


A Chinese man by the name of Li Chun, from Menghai village, Yunnan province found a severely injured monkey in the forest some time ago. After doing a risky home surgery to amputate the monkey’s rotting leg and arm, he nursed the little guy back to health and made him a part of his family.

I bet you’re saying “Awwww” right?  Not so fast.  This little monkey has turned into a slaughtering machine.  Li claims that after the monkey watched him cracking eggs for breakfast, the monkey tried to mimic his behavior by entering the chicken pen and smashing all of the eggs.

But wait, it gets better.  After Li had killed and plucked a chicken for dinner one night, the monkey felt it was his job to do the same.  To this day the one armed, one legged monkey has slaughtered over 80 chickens, with a record of 9 in one day.

Li said that he learned his lesson and won’t kill another chicken in front of a monkey.

Monkey see monkey do lol?

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