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Unwanted Erections In Life [Graph]

Posted June 30th, 2010 at 6:10 pm by

Yesterday I was busy adding some images to my NSFW folder when I heard a knock *knock knock knock* at my front door.  Sweet, FedEx arrived with my stuff, they should be able to leave it on the doorstep right?  Wrong.  I had to sign.  After a lot of thinking I opened the door just far enough for my arm to slip out and I told the guy “sorry man, just got in the shower.”  So I signed, he left it on my step, and when my boner was gone, I grabbed the package.  This was a close call, and it got me thinking a lot about how unwanted boners really f*ck us over from time to time.

Thus, we came up with this shitty graph that represents the unwanted boners that creep up on men, and ultimately how bad the humiliation will be.

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  • jp
    July 2, 2010


    I knew you were lying when you said you had a boner but were apparently still able to ‘do a lot of thinking’ – clear violation of the laws of physics here – WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED? The brain and the penis are in perpetual combat for bio-CPU time… are you some multi-core mutant?

    • Jason
      July 3, 2010


      “A lot of thinking” was probably a huge exaggeration. Way to stay sharp jp.

  • MorbidOp
    July 4, 2010


    There is actually a term for this, it’s called a “Bunner” (Boner + Bummer) you can read about it here:

  • electric tools
    July 6, 2010


    Exactly. Unexpected would be more appropriated wording.
    Because as long I have have boners, even at less than opportune moments, I know mine still works.

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