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35 “Oh Shit!” Roller Coaster Faces

Posted June 29th, 2010 at 2:54 pm by

Some things and life are just meant to go with each other. Peanut butter & jelly, jager bombs & guidos, penis & vagina, and roller coaster + Oh Shit faces. Today we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite roller coaster moments caught on camera.

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  • Zachariah Granville
    June 30, 2010


    lol, these are classic

  • k2 herb
    June 30, 2010


    Awesomely funny.

  • Majed
    June 30, 2010


    Ha, that little girl is priceless.

  • mike
    June 30, 2010


    I saw the one with the guy ripping his shirt off on the Magnum. In fact, it’s the example photo on display once you get off the Magnum. Oh, and CEDAR POINT!!!

  • joe
    July 1, 2010


    Is that Edward Norton in the last photo?

  • Banners Austin
    July 1, 2010


    Hilarious, the guy puking is the best.

  • FunnyRidePhotos
    October 24, 2010


    Don’t want to be rude but did you take or find these on our website? Its not a big deal but you gotta give us some kind of credit for posting these photographs over at: spam thanks a bunch.

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