13-year-old drops the C-bomb on Today Show – Twice!


Kayla Manson knew two of her best friends were fighting via text messages, but didn’t know that 15-year-old Wayne Treacy intended to kill her best friend, Josie. Treacy brutally beat Josie Ratley, stomped her head with his metal-toe boots and left her with severe brain damage.

Treacy is charged as an adult with first degree attempted murder for the beating, Ratley is recovering and Kayla Manson has been charged as an accomplice to attempted murder because she pointed out who Josie was when Wayne came looking for her.

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Kayla was on the Today show this morning to talk about the attack. When asked what happened that day, she says Josie called Wayne a cunt — then corrects herself to say that Wayne called Josie a cunt, which created an awkward (but hilarious) television moment.

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