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Man Chains 8 Year Old Son To Post, Tries To Sell Him

Posted May 27th, 2010 at 12:03 pm by

An asshole father tied his 8 year old son to a post and tried to auction him off. Yong Tsui wanted to sell his boy as a slave because he could no longer afford to take care of him.

He put up a table with a sign on it, giving the youngster’s name and age and boasting of his capacity for hard work.

When a few bidders asked how much the boy needed to eat, angry bystanders finally stepped in and gave the dad a well deserved asskicking.

An officer said: “He has no job, no home and no money. He says he wasn’t interested in money, just finding a home for the boy.”

Yong Tsui says he was inspired by the family who chained their 2 year old to a post while they were at work, so that she wouldn’t be kidnapped. Logical parents are logical.


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  • BAM
    May 27, 2010


    Yeah, kicking his ass sure helps.

  • Billy Bob
    May 28, 2010


    Beat the shit out of him. How dare he care about finding a better environment for his son. Doesn’t he know that you can’t sell children to the common folk. Trafficking is only for the wealthy. What a damn shame.

  • AN
    May 28, 2010


    take a look from the inside. the father may think someone else can offer him a better life. whatever his son may endup doing it could be allot better then what he has/doing with his father.

  • Paul
    June 1, 2010


    the dad TOTALLY deserved the ass kicking.

  • daveprime
    October 6, 2010


    Um, what happened with the kid?

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