Woman Gets Relief from Gigantic Boobs

Julia Manihuari, 29, had a huge problem. Her breasts. After giving birth to her third son seven years ago, her boobs started growing.. and continued growing… until she had size N cup breasts attached to her small frame and was unable to get out of bed. At that point, medical intervention was necessary.

Julia said that when her breasts were so large, she cold not stand up because she would faint. Local media from where she lives in northern rural Peru got the money together for Julia to travel to the nearest town for medical help. She and the gigantic boobs were loaded onto a boat for a 3-day trip to the nearest town to see a doctor.

Surgeons removed 35 pounds of breast tissue from Julia because they feared her condition, gigantomastia, could have caused her boobs to flatten her lungs and make it impossible for her to breathe.

Julia is now a happy size 36B and has been able to resume her life.


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