Shrimpy Manager Tells Waitress, “All Women Belong on their Knees”


Rosemarie Ferranti was a waitress at The Lobster Box, the most popular City Island, New York restaurant. She’s now suing the restaurant because she says she was sexually harassed at work.

Lanni Liapis is the manager at the lobster box. Ferranti says in her lawsuit that while she was working, Liapis grabbed his penis and said “Come over here, I want you to turn my shrimp into a lobster.”

She also claims that Liapis asked that she and another woman have sex and let him join in. Apparently Ferranti wasn’t interested, but the other woman was, and according to the lawsuit, grabbed the man’s crotch and asked if she could have some fun with him.

Ferranti also says that the manager told her “All women belong on their knees.” And when she reported the incident to the restaurant owner, he told her he wasn’t going to fire the manager and fired her instead. She’s suing for an unspecified amount.


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