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24 White Trash Gaming Rigs

Posted April 7th, 2010 at 3:44 am by

Look around your gaming area right now. Most of us are pigs. Are there any empty Amp cans, or maybe a dirty dinner plate anywhere near you right now? Have you had to open your case and point your Walmart fan directly at your tower to keep your CPU from overheating? As guys, we get away with this sort of thing every single day. While most of us try to keep the duct tape and pizza boxes to a minimum in our gaming areas, there are some who go above and beyond. Here are 24 of our favorite white trash gaming setups.

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  • Amir Rezaee
    April 7, 2010


    haha, great article. Made my night. Thanks

  • MrsAdorkable
    April 7, 2010


    Haha, m bf would definitely let his get like this if I weren’t here…

    • your bf
      April 7, 2010


      only because you let me do anal

  • lawl
    April 7, 2010


    my room gets like this once a week

  • urhk
    April 8, 2010


    Sooooo…a lot of these aren’t “white trash” so much as they are pictures of what happens when mentally ill hoarders are left to their own devices.

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