Teacher Gets Student To Pass Breathalyzer For Her

Sometimes cops will place what they call an “ignition lock” on your car after you’ve been convicted of a DWI. Basically, the it’s a built in breathalyzer on your car that won’t let your ride start if you’ve been hitting the sauce. All in all a great idea. Unfortunately for the police, they didn’t take in to account that the 46 year old elementary school teacher would be hitting up her students to pass the breathalyzer for her.

Lisa Dinucci, 46, a teacher at Mastricole Upper Elementary School, was arrested last week and charged with two counts of alcohol ignition interlock circumvention.

It gets better. Turns out, our friend Lisa is a real piece of work. Just two years ago she was convicted of aggravated drunken driving in Milford, N.H. Oh btw, she had three children with her at the time.

Dinucci has been a teacher for the past four years. In 2008, she was convicted of aggravated drunken driving in Milford, N.H. Police said she had her two children and a neighbor’s child with her in the car at the time. Dinucci lost her license for a year, and the court ordered that she have an ignition locking device placed on her car.

How does someone like this keep her teaching license? You’re a stupid bitch Lisa, but thanks for the tips on how to get past an ignition lock.

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