The Friend Zone: Male vs Female POV


When it comes to the “Friend Zone” men and women have two completely different outlooks.  Although it’s adorable when girls try to tell us that they have men in their lives who really “just want to be friends” the simple truth is this: It just isn’t possible.  This shouldn’t offend anybody, but I’m sure some of you are going to be like “Dude stfu my best friend is a girl and I don’t want to sleep with her” so I have an answer for you as well.   Either:

  • You’re a pussy
  • She’s ugly
  • Both
  • You are actually in the 1% of people who can maintain a coed friendship

We’ve broken this down into pie charts to make it easy.  Also, the person who helped me with this has a vagina, so you can’t throw out the sexism card.

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