Prison Convicts Make Get-A-Way In Sheep Costumes

Pop quiz hot shot: You’ve just escaped a maximum security Argentinean prison, and you are being hunted by authorities what do you do? Well, two clever robbers by the names of Maximiliano Pereyra, and Ariel Diaz decided it wouldn’t be a baaaaaad idea to dress up like sheep.

The pair dressed in full sheepskin fleeces, complete with heads, to lie low among farm flocks.

So you’re probably thinking that they got caught fairly quickly right? Wrong.

They managed to evade the 300 police on their trail, despite locals seeing them running through fields at night.

Make all the jokes you want about some idiots dressed up like sheep, but props need to be given if you can evade a 300 person manhunt (even if they are Argentinean).

On a completely unrelated note: We love sheep.


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