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Gary Busey is so crazy it’s awesome

Posted March 11th, 2010 at 12:30 pm by

Watching the Red Carpet interviews is sort of like watching old people hump.  It’s slow, boring, and you just sort of want it to be over quickly.  But then someone like Gary Busey rolls up, and it almost makes watching an 80 year old set of balls clap against some floppy granny ass cheeks worth it.  Seriously Gary, let’s do some Peyote together.

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  • Celeb Toast
    March 12, 2010


    He is truly a crazy man. He not only plays one a lot in movies but he is one in real life if there is such a thing in Hollywood.

  • Jheka
    March 12, 2010


    Attention from everyone lady in U.S.A. I am Jheka and I am single and available for opportunity to sex and maybe make relations with YOU. In my photograph on my interesting new blog you can see that I am available and ready for maybe sex. You can also see my goose. Well, if you are ready I am ready so we can go to my house and do whatever. Do not be afraid if I am man with desire. I have learned all the tips you can do in the modern day of U.S.A. from email and web and I have also order some device to make you pleasure. On ebay. OK baby?

    I know the location of the g spot. I have tried this place on myself and it is correct.

    Yes and also I did have very large amounts af hair surrounding (encompassing) my g spot. OK?

    It is seriously jaw dropping.

    But I have groomed my hair off with water and the spoons I am clean.

    If you do not believe me you can come to my house I will show you and we can do whatever.

    I am happy to have relation with you and if you want we can prance together into the sun.

    Do NOT deny my request.

    Thank you.

    • Jason
      March 12, 2010


      tits or gtfo

    • ASSMAN
      March 13, 2010



  • John
    March 15, 2010


    LOL @ “yay” at 0:16

  • Acrobat
    March 20, 2010


    He is not crazy, well he is, but not by choice. Gary killed many of his braincells by too much drug use and went through a very tough, televised rehab on Dr Drew. He has really messed himself up with heavy drugs, it is sad really because he was a brilliant actor but now struggles to keep in reality at any time

  • myt
    March 23, 2010


    @acrobat … yes, Gary had a cocaine habit which he has been sober
    from for quite a number of years.

    What many folks don’t know is that Gary had a motorcycle accident,
    (somewhere in the ’80′s) which some doctors feel contributes to his
    “behavior”, for lack of a better term.

    So, before you write off someone’s actions as related to drug use,
    you might want to educate yourself on the person’s history.

    And considering he’s in his mid-60′s, I’d say he’s a bit spunkier
    than folks half his age.

  • alenegentry
    November 19, 2010


    garys the greatest

  • alenegentry
    November 19, 2010


    gary can make any evet speal thats because he is special in this world there is only one gary busey he is just like elvis i will always be his fan i am his fan for the rest of my life

  • alenegentry
    November 19, 2010


    i have been collecting garys movie i got little over half of them from does anyone know where else i can get them amazon .com dont have most the rest of them i am trying to get them they are all special with him in themgary is hi5 in his mvies he gets a big a for his special talent

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