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This is how he ate me out…wtf?


My friend Jenn was trying to tell me about her sexual excursion the other night.  Unfortunately, when she started explaining details, she hit me with some shit that did not make any sense at all.  So I was like “dude just draw me a picture.”

This is what she sent…

[7:38:54 PM] Jason: can you type it out in steps?
[7:39:21 PM] Jenn: 1. He is beside me on the bed, by my hip.
[7:39:49 PM] Jenn: 2. He takes my right leg and hooks it behind his hip/waist
[7:40:17 PM] Jenn: 3. He leans forward and pushes my other leg out, so my legs are now spread wide.
[7:40:43 PM] Jenn: 4. He now has access to the clit from the side.
[7:41:01 PM] Jenn: 5. flick fick flick flick.. finger finger squirt

[7:41:07 PM] Jason: lol whore

I still don’t understand what is going on in this picture…  To me it looks like her legs are being hoisted into the air?

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