You drank the wrong juice bro


Name: cutler
Age (at the time): 15

Up our neck of the woods there were two hills where we all got lashed on one and fucked on the other. I got to be the head of the party as the beer organizer etc so when everyone was lashed, I got more than the usual attention and used it to merrily shag away a couple of the girls, who all didn’t care as we were, young, lashed and who gives a fuck anyways.

So one night I tag a friend of mine along who still hasn’t passed the male / female challenge. Well beer and debauchery drags me and a willing up the other hill and we merrily fuck away in the dirt, with me giving her the potatoe juice coupe de grace as far inside her as I could must. Job done and as we both stroll back, I ask her if she could take care of my friend. She was sound with that and i lead her straight over to me mate and she drags him of for his cherry popping. 5 minutes late a very pissed off mate turns back up. He couldn’t have messed it up she was well willing.

Turns out, he’d gone done on her and been merrily slurping away and had said how wet she was blah blah and then slipped beside her with a finger of juice and licked it off his fingers in front of her. She clicked what he was guzzling and couldn’t help telling him that on his first encounter he was licking up his mates man juice, who had just been in there!

Dear Cutler, You got your friend laid which was really cool of you. On the other hand, you basically spunked in his mouth. Maybe a heads up would be in order next time? Also, where are you from? I don’t remember 15 year old girls being this awesome when I was in school.

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