Girl From the ‘Epic Boobs’ Demotivational Poster Found!


If you’re a fan of demotivational posters and giant boobs, then the picture below is probably one of your favorites.  It’s been posted in more forums and big tit galleries than you can shake a stick at, yet it never grows old.

So I’ve got some good news, some bad news, and some more good news.  The good news is, we found a ton of pictures starring the epic boob girl.  The bad news is, they all got deleted.  The other good news is that we saved them first.  Lastly, this girl seems like a gigantic slut.  This pleases me.  I can’t wait to see those things slapping her in the face when she’s getting drilled in her amateur debut.  If there is already a video like this, you know what to do…

Also, maybe it’s just me but doesn’t her boyfriend look like Shawn Hatosy from that movie “The Faculty?”

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